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My Homemade Dry Carpet Cleaner is the first recipe, Most of what you see on the internet are only variants of everything I have analyzed and proven here in order to work nicely. This homemade dry cleaner is also a fantastic choice to store-bought solutions for cleansing your wall-to-wall carpeting.

There’s nothing worse than a rug that doesn’t smell fresh and you may ‘t just pick it up and shake it off or provide a fast wash, you need to make time to correctly laundry this and it may necessitate purchasing a steam cleaner.

A less costly way which yields the very same results though would be to scatter homemade dry cleaner around your residence, which will freshen your carpeting making it soft, clean and refreshed.

This home made dry cleaner is safe for use around your children and pets. It’s created of Eco-friendly ingredients, most of which you might already have in your house.


Measure and add the ingredients into a blender. Baking soda helps break and loosen down dirt develop. Bay leaves and dyes odor your carpets while offering antibacterial cleansing power. Pulse on reduced before the carpet cleaner comes with a much consistency. Pour the dry cleaner to some sprinkle-top container, which you may grab at the regional dollar store. Sprinkle liberally on the carpeting, Use a inexpensive net strainer and shake over the carpet and let sit for at least 2 hours or even overnight. It’s possible to easily eliminate tough stains with the support of this homemade carpet cleaner.


Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let sit 10 minutes. Dab the solution within the blot with a cloth until the stain is still gone. Use the 2nd dry cloth to stain the carpeting dry.

To a person who asked if that could take out awful scents….my furry friend (puppy ) was lately peeing in my carpet and I tried EVERYTHING to take the odor out. The thing that worked was utilizing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda….and I put it onto a cone and then left it on the sofa overnight.

It required the odor COMPLETELY out. I found that blending peroxide and baking soda creates a kind of oxy remedy, which works well for removing stains!


Lemon and lavender are all fantastic! (Optional) If you’re experiencing issues with the alternative making a lot of suds, then it’s possible to add a tiny amount (1 Tbsp approximately ) of fabric softener.

Mix all the ingredients together (make sure you bring the dish soap into the water rather than the water into the dish soap — You’ll see why if you do it the wrong way only once) Pour in to your carpet cleaning system. Follow the specific instructions to clean the appliance.

Next moment, I wish to try out peppermint and vanilla.

Vinegar solution: Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of plain water.

Dip a white cloth into this option and use to the blot. Never pour the answers directly onto carpets.

You might need to employ this severally when the stain has been around for quite a while but this may work wonderfully to get rid of common foods and grime stains from the carpet.

Over time place cleaning only doesn’t get it done. You turn around one day and your rugs are a color darker than once you had these installed. You do a fantastic job spot cleaning just to show just how filthy the remaining portion of the carpet actually is. This ‘s a method to make them cleaned.

Gear: A vacuum along with a rug steam cleaner, don’t worry, I describe why we want the heavy gear under.

Start out with great old place cleaning then proceed into the heavy duty throughout work.

1. Vacuum. Vacuum just like you’ve never deciphered before: proceed in 3 distinct instructions and go at your own pace.

2. Allow the glue to sit down on the carpet for many hours till it dries thoroughly, then vacuum it off.

3. Why are we having a steam cleaner that you inquire? I’ve looked into plenty of alternatives from dry cleaning (vetoed due to these chemicals and what’s left from the carpet) to steam cleaning and also have determined that renting a steam equipment would be the ideal choice since the compounds are discretionary.

4. Hot water may find the maximum dirt from your carpet independently, only be certain that you ‘re filling your system with very hot water.


6. Most machines have two manners. To begin with you depress a button and then release the warm water and next you release the button and it blows off up water. Spend 3/4 of your own time at the next manner. Soak the carpeting then move over it three or four days to wash the carpet as far as possible.

7. Steam clean the carpets another time. Can you cover the machine ? You may too get your cash ‘s value and do two passes.

8. Allow the carpets dry thoroughly. It’ll smell like vinegar quite closely while you shampoo your carpet. However, after it dries you’ll be left with a great clean smelling home.

9. As soon as they are largely dry it is possible to bring back furniture but we generally put aluminum foil beneath the legs to prevent any stain bleeding on the wet rugs. After that, let’s dry all of the way until you walk them to prevent staining them .

10. Finally, eliminate the water out of the carpet cleaner system slowly.

I’ve utilized this homemade dry cleaner in my rugs, in the inside of my cars as well as on sofas. It works great and gets out of the stains, making my family really very pleased.

by Fadel